Up2Tree enables tree climbing with a modular system.

It is quickly mounted and is able to be adapted to any tree diameter thanks to its locking system.  

Up2Tree can also be installed on any structure with a circular structure made of cement or steel, such as pillars and columns.

Composition of Up2Tree

The system is composed of supports made of specially designed polyethylene to optimize the tension (sealing locking tightness) on the bark of trees without damaging them. Each bracket is secured to a wall climbing hold of varying colors and sizes. Every support, including climbing holds, are then fixed to the tree with one or two High-Strength polyester strapping. The strapping is tightened with ratchet tightening system, which is certified to be able to withstand 5 kN.

Technical specifications


diameter 100 mm – Height 25 mm

Climbing holds

diameter approx. 100 mm – Height from 40 to 60 mm


lenght 2500 mm – 22 kN break


certified 5kN break

Produced by:

Exploring Outdoor Srl