All you need is a tree!

Up2Tree adds a truly unique attraction to your Adventure Park, but it is also ideal for Agritourism, outdoor recreational facilities or even in your own garden at home.

Every support, including climbing holds, can be installed with one or two straps. The straps are then adapted depending on the shape of the tree or the number of supports chosen to be placed around its circumference.

To set up a climbing route it is necessary to have at least one Up2Tree element (including straps) placed every 50cm, depending on the height of the tree and the desired height of your route.


No particular experience in required to mount Up2Tree up to 2.5m.

To use the climbing system again, no particular experience is necessary but it is important that appropriate safety measures are taken, such as a suitable mattress at the base of the tree.


For installation of Up2Tree higher than 2.5m from the ground it is necessary to employ qualified specialists to ensure safety.
For use of Up2Tree it is also necessary to install an anchor at the highest point of the Up2Tree route with a “safe” operator at the bottom. A safety harness is required.


To allow independent climbing a ‘self-security’ system is available upon request. The Spider Jump system also required qualified specialists for installation.

Possible configurations of the brackets:

Using Up2Tree with SpiderJump

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